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My Taraflex: Unleash your creativity

Introducing MY TARAFLEX®, the latest Gerflor innovation on the market. Thanks to the digital printing process, our world-class sports flooring can now be customised with your designs.


MyTaraflex is the first integrated customisation service for sports flooring projects, combining the latest digital printing technologies with Taraflex’s exceptional comfort, safety and resistance.

Supported by a dedicated Gerflor Design Lab team, MyTaraflex is a new opportunity for professionals to unleash their creativity, to propose unique projects and bring more value to their customers while respecting all the technical constraints related to sports flooring installations.

MyTaraflex is available over the entire Taraflex range, from high-performance sports flooring to sports surfaces designed for multi-purpose activities.

How does it work?

Do you have a sports flooring project and you are looking for something unique?

  1. Gather your ideas.
  2. Contact your local Gerflor representative.
  3. After an initial technical review our dedicated Gerflor Design Lab team will guide you through the various design customisation steps.

Click below to download our brochure.

My Taraflex Brochure

Do you want a different design but have no idea where to start?

For a quick start we have pre-determined 23 original designs.
(Available with all Taraflex flooring: Taraflex Surface, Taraflex Evolution, Taraflex Performance, Taraflex Comfort, Taraflex Multi-Use).


Taraflex digital printing – Cublize project

Installed in 2001 in Cublize sports hall (Rhône), the sports floorings required a revamp. Cublize town council also wanted to take advantage of this revamp to make the floor coverings suitable for the gym's changes of use. It is used by sports clubs but also increasingly for balls, bingo sessions and other social events. The idea was to choose some flooring that was more versatile. Naturally, they decided to go for the Gerflor range with the Taraflex Multi-Use matching Cublize hall's requirements perfectly.

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Upload your photo and include the flooring or change the colors of the flooring in the selected photos.

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Access the tool

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