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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Gerflor is proud to support the continuous professional development of architects and specifiers by offering CPD presentations equivalent to 1 CPD point under the Australian Institute of Architects Refuel CPD program. Join us in advancing your expertise and shaping the future of architecture.


Reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections through: Evidence-Based Design

This CPD will help you Identify areas of risk and high infection control requirements in hospitals and healthcare facilities using the principles of evidence-based design to assess flooring and integrated systems to help minimise the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAI), protect assets from damage and future-proofing facilities. 

1 Formal CPD point.

CPD Hospital

Duty of Care: Considerations for sports flooring in recreation and competition

This CPD will explain sports floor design, taking into consideration important guidelines by the Department of Education, identifying the difference of floor materials in accordance with the different Sport Standards and provide accessibility for a broad range of users and specific needs.

1 Formal CPD point.

CPD Sport

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