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Basketball Flooring

Basketball Flooring for Elevated Games

The game of basketball requires more than a court, ball and hoops. It needs the right playing surface with optimal friction, ball rebound and shock absorption for an enjoyable game. The quality of your basketball court flooring is also crucial for performance, safety, and the overall basketball experience.

As a leader in commercial, residential and sports flooring, Gerflor offers top-of-the-line basketball flooring, designed to meet the specific needs of indoor and outdoor basketball courts. No matter if you're upgrading a professional arena or setting up a community basketball court, our basketball court flooring provides the ideal foundation for the game.

For all your sports, retail and residential flooring needs, browse our range. You can also get creative and do it yourself with our DIY flooring.
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Types of Basketball Court Flooring

Basketball courts come in various types of surfacing, each offering distinct advantages. The choice of basketball flooring depends on factors like location, budget, and intended use. Here, we explore the common types of basketball court surfacing.

Hardwood Flooring

A classic choice for professional basketball courts, hardwood basketball flooring consists of solid wood planks, which are carefully installed to create a smooth and durable surface. It offers exceptional ball bounce, traction, and a traditional, elegant appearance and is a highly preferred choice for basketball court flooring indoors in professional arenas and schools.

Multi-Purpose Plastic and Rubber Surfaces

Multi-purpose courts often use interlocking plastic or rubber tiles that provide a versatile, all-weather surface. These courts can be customised in various colours and designs.

These basketball flooring provide excellent shock absorption and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for multi-purpose facilities.

You can also explore our options for commercial flooring such as the popular and ever-loved vinyl flooring, particularly the timber vinyl that brings warmth to any room.

Why Choose Gerflor for Your Basketball Flooring Needs?

As experts in the area of innovative, design-led and eco-responsible flooring and interior finishes, we seek to continuously improve every aspect of our projects, from design to installation. This ethos extends to our basketball flooring. Here’s why our products are recognised in more than a hundred countries:

Durable Basketball Court Flooring

Designed for performance, our basketball floors are manufactured to be long-lasting, especially with vigorous use. Depending on the type of court, each flooring consists of different layers and surface finish effects. Our basketball floors are engineered to withstand the intense and high-impact nature of basketball games, ensuring that the surface remains in top condition for years to come.

Basketball Floor: Safety with Force Reduction

The players' safety is a top priority in every game, and our basketball floorings are created with their wellbeing in mind. We do this by ensuring shock absorption, resulting in a reduced risk of injuries while playing. With our basketball court flooring, you can focus on the game without worrying about safety concerns. You can further elevate your venue by introducing non-slip flooring in off-court areas.

Versatility in Basketball Floors

Gerflor's basketball flooring is versatile and suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor courts. Whether you need flooring for a professional stadium, school gymnasium, or community centre, our basketball court flooring has options that will fit your specific requirements. Our range ensures that your basketball facility is ready for all levels of play.

Low Maintenance

For a good game, your court should be in top condition. At Gerflor, we understand this need which is why we emphasise easy maintenance when crafting our basketball flooring. Indoor courts and outdoor courts face different elements such as the weather and how the court is used. When we’re designing our flooring, we consider the sealing and painting, care against moisture and debris and suitability for heavy traffic. They’re each designed to be resistant to wear and tear, so cleaning and upkeep are hassle-free.

Another easy maintenance option for various venues is our linoleum flooring.

Discover Brilliant Basketball Flooring with Gerflor

At Gerflor, we take pride in being a reliable source for basketball flooring in Australia. Our commitment to quality, durability, and player safety makes us the preferred choice for basketball facilities across the country. For professional basketball games, school tournaments, or recreational matches, we provide safe and versatile solutions that enhance your court's performance and provide the best possible playing experience for athletes and enthusiasts alike.
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