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Phive Parramatta Community Hub

Phive Parramatta Community Hub

DesignInc Sydney, Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, Manuelle Gautrand Arhitecture (Paris)
Parramatta, NSW
Taralay Impression -0831 Anthracite, Taraflex Multi-Use - Coral (Custom colour), Tarasafe Standard PUR -7767 Dove Grey, Mipolam Affinity EL7 -4420 Silver Grey, Mipolam Elegance -0330 Litchi

Phive Parramatta Community Hub

The multicultural council of Parramatta in New South Wales has just inaugurated a major new landmark.

Phive Parramatta Square is a community hub that combines state-of-the-art library and event spaces with the aim to bring the community together to learn, connect and celebrate.

In collaboration with Lacoste + Stevenson Architects and Manuelle Gautrand Architects in Paris, DesignInc Sydney created this extraordinary masterpiece of contemporary architecture. Gerflor had the privilege to dress its floors.

The colour selection was key to deliver a joyous and playful place. For that reason, our Taralay Impression, Mipolam and Taraflex ranges cover the Discovery Centre and the Wellness centre in this precinct.

Inspired by the colours of Australia, our Mipolam Elegance in Litchi was selected to harmonise with the red and orange of the design concept. Both interior and exterior change in brightness intensity throughout the day in a playful interaction between sunlight and colour.

Gerflor is proud to be part of this striking Australian-French collaboration that marks a watershed in the Australian architecture community.

INSTALLER: Arrow Corporate Flooring

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