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IGA Henty

IGA Henty

GTI Max Connect 0249 Carbon

IGA Henty

Transforming the premises of busy supermarkets can present substantial challenges. Store managers are constantly working to minimise disruptions, ensuring that regular operating hours are maintained, and top-notch customer service is upheld. Given these considerations, the owner of IGA in Henty, NSW opted for a store refurbishment that involved the installation of GTI Max Connect tiles over the existing flooring.

GTI Max Connect tiles seamlessly interlock, facilitating quick installation and easy maintenance. They feature a durable 2 mm wear layer and are coated with a heavy-duty PUR+ surface treatment. The extensive range of available colours encourages creativity and simplifies the creation of essential zoning areas to guide customers within the store and emphasise safety zones.

The feedback of the owner of the store has been really positive. In his words: “The upgrade to the flooring has made such a big difference to the appearance of the store”. Proof of that is the “Before” and “After” photos shown above.


INSTALLER: Universal Flooring

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