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Flinders University Biodiversity Facility

Flinders University Biodiversity Facility

H2O Architects / Philips-Pilkington Architects / Sarah Constructions
Taralay Premium - 4136 Sao Luis - 4477 Maceio - 8837 Songo - 8256 Tahaa - 4469 Pemba - 8194 Kornati - 4001 Ofu, Tarasafe Ultra H2O - 7314 Sand, Mural Plus Wall Protection - 3001 White

Flinders University Biodiversity Facility

Located at the College of Science and Engineering at the Bedford Park campus in Adelaide, the Flinders University Biodiversity Facility is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built research and education facility.

Gerflor was selected to collaborate with its vibrant Brazilia and Indiana collections of the Premium range creating interiors with distinctive colour features to indicate the marine and terrestrial research areas. These flooring ranges meet highly prescriptive brief requirements such as ease of maintenance, resistance to chemicals, low VOC emissions and protection against high traffic and heavy loads.

In addition to this, Barefoot C rate Tarasafe® Ultra H2O for wet areas and Mural Plus wall protection against heavy impact damage complement the selection.

This award-winning architectural masterpiece mimics the efficiency found in nature to form a building focused on improving biodiversity through thoughtful material selections and design.

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