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Powershock 60

  • Interlocking system
  • Vulcanized rubber wear layer
  • Backing layer

Product description


High impact rubber flooring

Vulcanized rubber is a chemical process that cures & combines rubber & sulfur.
This process through high pressure and temperature enables the sulfur atoms to form links and bridges between long chains of rubber molecules.
This increases the overall strength and durability of the rubber.

Key installation points for Powershock vulcanized rubber that must be followed:

  • Concrete subfloor conditions to be as per Connor guidelines and AS 1884-2021
  • Rolls must be unrolled and acclimatised for 24 hours prior to commencement of installation – the edge of rolls can be trimmed during this time
  • All rolls must be unrolled in the same direction (direction arrow on back of rolls)
  • Rolls must be laid in number sequence order to minimize shade variation   
  • Both edges of rolls must be trimmed 10-20mm off selvage edge, rolls are made over width to allow for trimming - finish at 1.22mt wide
  • Must use Mapei G19, 2 part polyurethane adhesive
  • All joins must be cleaned while adhesive is wet, then taped to hold in position – DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE as the residue cannot be removed
  • Product to be rolled with 50 kg roller before adhesive has tacked off
  • All joins must be weighted with bessa block, bricks or pavers, (boxes of tiles or planks) for a minimum 8-12 hours (DO NOT USE coloured bricks or pavers that can stain floor)
  • Check all joins to ensure seams are tight & not peaking – this is critical to achieve before adhesive has set
  • Protect all finished areas with suitable floor protection covering
  • 1.00 x 1.00mt tiles NO trimming required but all edges must be taped & weighted around all sides


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