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From the product's design, we work on reducing its environmental footprint.

What is our leverage for offering more ethical products? The choice of raw materials that are fully compliant with the REACH regulation, have less carbon and are very durable.


REACH-compliant formulations

To ensure total safety for our customers, all our product formulations are 100% compliant with the REACH European regulation.

All products that may have an impact, even minimal, on human health are banned from our formulations. As such, our floor coverings do not contain:

  • any heavy metals
  • any formaldehyde
  • any solvent-based inks
  • any PCP (Pentachlorophenol)
  • any CMR content (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic)
  • any other substances banned by REACH
Find out more about REACH

More and more bio-based materials

Our Research and Development team is constantly exploring new bio-based streams to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

As such, we offer three "bio-based" Gerflor ranges:

  • the Saga 55 and Saga 70 products, launched in 2002, with cork backing providing exceptional acoustic properties
  • homogeneous floor coverings by Mipolam Symbioz, since 2011, made from plasticisers derived from cereal residues, 100% bio-based and renewable
  • linoleum from the DLW brand, which became part of the Gerflor group in 2018, is made up of 98% bio-based or mineral materials

Other bio-based innovations are being developed.


Durable flooring

The best solution to preserve resources and the planet is offering products that last a long time. Gerflor is committed to the durability of these floor coverings.

With an average lifespan of 25 years, our floor coverings have been meeting their technical and style requirements for decades.


Integrating recycled materials into our products

We also integrate recycled raw materials into our products.

In this way, our vinyl products contain up to 25% recycled materials and some of our most technical products are made up of over 50% recycled content.

What do we promise? To guarantee identical quality and technical performance for our floor coverings that are designed with recycled components.

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Other stages in the life cycle of our products

Stringent product certifications and labels

Our policy in terms of sustainable development has already enabled us to obtain stringent product certifications and labels. These standards recognise our efforts in terms of: 

  • floor covering durability: UPEC A+ 
  • sustainable development: Cradle to Cradle 
  • reduction of pollutant emissions: Blue Angel, M1, A+, floor score 

Our products also contribute to obtaining environmental standards for buildings: LEED, HQE 

Certification Logos

Gerflor, the flooring group

Gerflor creates, manufactures, and brings to market innovative, decorative and eco-responsible complete solutions for resilient floors, wall coverings, and accessories, from installation to finishings for commercial environments.


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